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Grimdark Outpost

Grimdark Outpost

Laramie Huggins |

I see plains of dust and red lakes of blood. Hills jagged by the wind, fire sets ablaze the air. Toxic fumes sweep the ground. Bleached bones, skulls grinning. Dead flesh rotting everywhere, a grusome terror. Quiet prayers in the night. A siren rings through the bunker. Helm and flak jacket on. My lasrifle hums faintly. They are coming. Again we will stand our ground. In these walls we will outlast them. 

The Grimdark Outpost Terrain set is now available. Adding to the very popular Grimdark range, War Scenery has released their 10th set of Kickstarter files. We love the bunkers and the Infantry Command. The Field Command HQ is a sight to behold. 

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