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Ord Ferrum Frontier Outpost

Ord Ferrum Frontier Outpost

Laramie Huggins |

Located on the galactic frontier, far away from the trading routes, the planet bears little interest for any of the major political forces.

The deposits of ferrum, a metal crucial for many industrial processes, have dwindled over the years, and the Mining Guild turned its eye to salvaging the spaceship graveyards, leftovers from the wars fought over a decade ago.

While the small brick-and-stucco settlements inhabited by miners-turned-salvagers remain relatively quiet, sometimes a surprise discovery by one of the salvaging crews can pique the interest of black market brokers, treasure hunters, and other shady individuals - turning the quiet streets of Ord Ferrum into scenes of chaos and violence.

The Ord-Ferrum terrain set from Multiverse is now available in 15mm, 20mm, 28mm, and 32mm scale. This set was modeled to represent an Outer-Rim styled tv show. The buildings have exquisite detailing and look great both painted and unpainted.

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