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Orders over $80 qualify for free shipping. BG Organizers shipping in 2-5 days. Terrain 1-2 weeks.
Orders over $80 qualify for free shipping. BG Organizers shipping in 2-5 days. Terrain 1-2 weeks.

Sithic Outpost Plasma Crystal Pit & Missile Sentry Tower - 40k Terrain

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Sithic Outpost is great Warhammer 40k terrain. It contains tiles; featuring walls, doorways, floors, roofs, vats and missile towers that can be clipped together to create a sci-fi military base. Because it is completely modular, utilizing Printable Scenery's Openlock design, it can be combined with other Openlock pieces to create different designs if you get tired of this configuration. It is 3D printed in 32mm,  28mm, 20mm or 15mm scale in .2mm resolution. 

What's Included are listed with each item.

Plasma Crystal Pit consists of 48 pieces

In 32mm scale, the pit measures 295x179x95mm.

In 28mm scale, the pit measures 259x157x83mm.

In 20mm scale, the pit measures 184x112x59mm.

In 15mm scale, the pit measures 155x94x50mm.

Missile Sentry Tower consists of 15 pieces

In 32mm scale, the tower measures 99x120x121mm.

In 28mm scale, the tower measures 87x105x106mm.

In 20mm scale, the tower measures 61x75x75mm.

In 15mm scale, the tower measures 52x63x64mm.

The pictures are a great guide for putting the pit and the tower together. The Openlock design is extremely durable and requires some force to get put together. Unless you are trying to put pieces together incorrectly, you are very unlikely to break anything.

All items come unpainted in non-toxic gray PLA. Some assembly may be required. We inspect all of our products prior to shipment, but due to the nature of 3d printing, some objects may require some cleanup prior to use. Other print resolutions (print quality) and scale (size) are available as requested. This item is designed by Printable Scenery, Tabletop Terrain is a licensed printed of Printable Scenery.