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Legions Imperialis Compatible

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Command Your Forces

Prepare your legions for war with our meticulously crafted terrain for Legions Imperialis. Each piece, a work of art, is designed to elevate your strategic gameplay, transforming your tabletop into a grand theater of epic conflict. Set the scene with vast, rolling landscapes where colossal armies clash, and towering fortresses stand as bastions of power and defiance. 

Choose from an array of terrains, from treacherous mountain passes to hauntingly beautiful ruins, each capable of challenging and thrilling even the most seasoned commanders. Build a battlefield that not only tests your tactical prowess but also immerses you in the grandeur and intensity of a war of unimaginable scale and scope. 

Let your battles be legendary, your strategies be cunning, and your victories monumental.

Note: These products are in no way associated with Games Workshop or their associated IPs. Tabletop Terrain is an independent terrain producer, working with a variety of artists to support tabletop gaming across all systems.