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Free Shipping $100+ in US $225+ international. All items are made to order, ship in just 1-3 business days.

burncycle with Expansions and Extras Board Game Insert / Organizer

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Organizer/insert only. Does not include the board game!

This is an insert / organizer for burncycle, all of its released expansions (as of December 2023), and the Brassmag Volumes 1 and 2. It all fits in the core box, has no lid lift, supports vertical storage, and was designed to aid setup and teardown.

If you want to see a video that give more information on all the trays and some of the design considerations that went into this insert, you can watch that here. But there is no need to watch the video if you just want to know how to layer the trays in the box. You can see how to do that from the pictures in this listing.

There is a set of setup trays that can remain in the box after setup, and a set of in-game trays that you place on the table.

Setup Trays
-Three bot trays with custom-shaped openings that hold the Brassmags, bot chips, and any related bot dice. The bots are organized alphabetically, but as shown in the photos, the sides of the trays are cut low enough that you can read the bot names on the chips. The following bots are in each tray (from left to right):
Bot Tray 1: Access, Bit, Byte, Casing, Cathode, Crash, and Exe
Bot Tray 2: Firewall, Gyro, Interface, Lithium, Memory, and Nano
Bot Tray 3: Packet, Processor, Servo, Subroutine, Torrent, and Transmitter
-A captain tray that holds all the captain Brassmags with their corresponding chips. These are also in alphabetical order. Starting from the lower left, the captains are:
Row 1: Brigade (with all Phalanx chips), Chrak (with a hole for inserting his spear to be held under his Brassmag), Crucible, and Fauxbia
Row 2: Grimms, iBoss, and Latticewerk
Row 3: Leer, Stamp, Tendril, and Zuk
-A room tile “cabinet” with four drawers that slide out and lock in place when closed. The room tiles are never stacked more than four deep in any drawer, making it much easier to find the rooms you are looking for during setup. A big thanks to Hextra for suggesting a critical solution for ensuring that the locks work smoothly but are not too tight. There is still a fairly tight tolerance on the locking mechanism for the drawers, so if you have issues with the locking versions, I have also posted versions without the locking mechanism. Choose which one you prefer.
-Two large card holders. One holds the missions separated by corporation, with an extra slot for the adaptive missions. The second card holder is for the bots, captain, and reference cards. I bought four sets of reference cards, and I designed the tray so they all fit. You can also fit the original smaller reference cards in there, too.
-A network/corporation setup tray that holds the CEO chips, CEO network level die, CEO ping markers, the four player network level dice, and the three red beads for tracking threat and the burncycle.
-Separate player trays for the tracking pegs in each player color. There is one tray for each player color, but I prefer to keep my preferred player color pegs in one of the in-game trays (discussed below).
-A bag tray that can hold the premium bag and the regular bag.
-Two rings to hold the network and floorplan mats in a single roll. These are marked with “L” and “R” labels to identify which goes on the left side and which goes on the right. If you orient them with those labels pointing upward, as shown in the photos, you’ll be in good shape. The left ring angles downward to accommodate the user manuals and the large room tiles. The right ring has a cutout that holds the corporation cards in place.

In-Game Trays
-A tray that holds the command module’s blue tracker pegs, the green open door pegs, the blue and clear beads for tracking objectives and surveillance status of rooms, the surveillance dice, the burncycle die, the ping die, and one set of player tracker pegs. If you are a solo player, you can just get out this tray and won’t need to dig into the separate player peg tray. Just choose your favorite player color and store the pegs in this one tray.
-Two trays that each hold a set of action dice. If you only own one set, the other tray will mainly serve as a spacer to keep everything tidy if you store the game vertically.
-A tray with custom-shaped slots to hold the Brassmag guards for easy access during the game.
-A chip tray to hold the all the chips you use during the game, other than the bot and captain chips, which are in the setup trays above. I designed this tray so each chip type is directly accessible from either the front or the back of the tray. No need to sift through rows of chips to get what you need. The only exception is the first player chip, which is in the middle of a row. But you only need to get that one out during setup.
-An equipment dice tray where you can sort the equipment dice by number.
-A small card tray that holds the equipment, mod, imperative, and keypad cards. It also holds the red keypad die next to the keypad cards (hopefully alleviating confusion between it and the similar-looking red ping die).
-A network and terminal card tray. This tray has a slot at the rear that can hold upright your captain and/or mission card.
-A discard tray for holding your discarded small cards, network cards, and terminal cards. This tray also has a slot for holding upright your captain and/or mission cards. This is an optional tray that was mainly to be used as a spacer to keep things orderly if you store the box vertically, but I wanted to give it an additional purpose in case you want to use it for discards during the game.

Final Notes
This is a large box that is very heavy when fully loaded. I had to make the trays quite robust to ensure they would handle the weight, so this insert takes over 6 pounds of plastic fully assembled. 

Designed by JS5002 on Printables. We have agreement with him to sell his designs in exchange for a royalty. -


What size do I need?

Miniature terrain comes in different scales. The average size of things can change depending on the game being played. View the chart below for an example of commonly played games. If you aren't sure, feel free to contact us in the chat box below. 

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20mm - 1:72 - HO Scale - Gaslands, other historical wargames

28mm - 1:64 - S Scale - Default tabletop scale - Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Bolt Action, Dungeons and Dragons, Frostgrave, Kings of War, The Walking Dead: All out War

30mm - 1:61 - Warmachine

32mm - 1:57 - Upsized Warhammer 40k, some Marvel Crisis Protocol, Malifaux, Fallout Wasteland Warfare

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Customer Reviews

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Item arrived packed nicely and instruction...

Item arrived packed nicely and instructions to put together was a breeze. 10/10 would recommend others to buy.

This is pretty cool. Keeps everything in o...

This is pretty cool. Keeps everything in one box. Even the brass mini figs. Very happy. Thank you!

Perfect insert to downsize from 3 boxes to...

Perfect insert to downsize from 3 boxes to 1. Fast shipping.

Would buy from them again

Would buy from them again