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Free Shipping Threshold: $100+ in US $225+ international. All items are made to order and ship in just 1-3 business days.
Free Shipping $100+ in US $225+ international. All items are made to order, ship in just 1-3 business days.

Fortress of Agony

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Original price
$15.00 - $54.00
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Scale: 32mm

The Fortress of Agony is a two story building with a removable rooftop, and easy access to the inside. The building is highly armored, and can hold minis in the different levels for combat. The Fortress of Agony is designed for sci-fi wargames, but can be used with any system.

-What's Included:

1 Fortress of Agony in 4 pieces.

In 32mm scale, the fortress measures 235x314x145mm/9.2x12.4x5.7 inches and can fit standard marines marines in power armor within the lower bunker area. 

In 28mm scale, the fortress measures 206x275x116mm/8.1x10.8x4.6 inches and can fit smaller infantry such as scouts or guard in the lower bunker area. 

In 20mm scale, fortress measures 144x193x81mm/5.7x7.6x3.2 inches.

In 15mm scale, the fortress measures 124x165x70mm/4.9x6.5x2.8 inches.

All items come unpainted in non-toxic gray PLA. Some assembly may be required. We inspect all of our products prior to shipment, but due to the nature of 3d printing, some objects may require some cleanup prior to use. Other print resolutions (print quality) and scale (size) are available as requested. This item is designed by War Scenery and is available at


What size do I need?

Miniature terrain comes in different scales. The average size of things can change depending on the game being played. View the chart below for an example of commonly played games. If you aren't sure, feel free to contact us in the chat box below. 

12mm - 1:144 - N Scale - Historical wargames

15mm - 1:100 - TT Scale - Flames of War, Dungeons and Dragons, other historical wargames

20mm - 1:72 - HO Scale - Gaslands, other historical wargames

28mm - 1:64 - S Scale - Default tabletop scale - Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Bolt Action, Dungeons and Dragons, Frostgrave, Kings of War, The Walking Dead: All out War

30mm - 1:61 - Warmachine

32mm - 1:57 - Upsized Warhammer 40k, some Marvel Crisis Protocol, Malifaux, Fallout Wasteland Warfare

35mm - 1:47 - Star Wars Legion

40mm - 1:43 - O Scale - Some Marvel Crisis Protocol

When will my order ship?

Most of the time, orders ship in 1-3 business days. All of our items are made to order and we do our best to make things as quickly as possible. Some larger orders may take slightly longer. If you have a special request or need to know exactly when your order will ship, feel free to send us a message.

Do you sell painted items?

Yes! We have in-house painters who stay very busy with all of our paint requests. If you would like a quote on something painted, please send us a message.

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Very happy with my purchase!

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