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Free Shipping Threshold: $100 within the US, $225 international. Please allow approx. 4-8 business days for new orders to ship.
Free Shipping Threshold: $100 within the US, $225 international. Please allow approx. 4-8 business days for new orders to ship.

Imperial City District

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$37.00 - $1,094.00
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Imperial City District

The Imperial City District is a set of 8 buildings. Each building has removable roofs, floors, and articulating doors. The District is available in 32mm, 28mm, 20mm, and 15mm scales. 

Buy the full set for an extra 10% off. 

-What's Included 

1-8 Imperial Buildings in various pieces depending on selection. 

 Building 1- 5 pieces. 
32mm scale: 177x189x154mm / 7.0x7.4x6.1 inches.
28mm scale: 155x166x135mm / 6.1x6.5x5.3 inches.
20mm scale: 109x116x95mm / 4.3x4.6x3.7 inches.
15mm scale:  93x100x81mm / 3.7x3.9x3.2 inches.

Building 2- 4 pieces.
32mm scale: 242x200x303mm / 9.5x 7.9x11.9 inches.
28mm scale: 212x175x266mm / 8.3x6.9x10.5 inches.
20mm scale: 148x123x186mm / 5.8x4.8x7.3 inches.
15mm scale:  127x105x160mm / 5.0x4.1x6.3 inches.

Building 3- 4 pieces. 
32mm scale: 190x178x298mm / 7.5x 7.0x11.7 inches.
28mm scale: 167x156x262mm / 6.6x6.1x10.3 inches.
20mm scale: 117x109x183mm / 4.6x4.3x7.2 inches.
15mm scale:  100x94x157mm / 3.9x3.7x6.2 inches.

Building 4- 5 pieces. 
32mm scale: 226x168x368mm / 8.9x6.6x14.5 inches.
28mm scale: 198x147x323mm / 7.8x5.8x12.7 inches.
20mm scale: 139x103x226mm / 5.5x4.1x8.9 inches.
15mm scale:  119x88x194mm / 4.7x3.5x7.6 inches.

Building 5- 5 pieces. 
32mm scale: 239x181x368mm / 9.4x7.1x14.5 inches.
28mm scale: 210x159x323mm / 8.3x6.3x12.7 inches.
20mm scale: 147x111x226mm / 5.8x 4.4x8.9 inches.
15mm scale:  126x95x194mm / 5.0x3.7x7.6 inches.

Building 6- 5 pieces. 
32mm scale: 188x188x418mm / 7.4x7.4x16.5 inches.
28mm scale: 165x165x367mm / 6.5x6.5x14.4 inches.
20mm scale: 116x166x257mm / 4.6x6.5x10.1 inches.
15mm scale: 99x99x220mm / 3.9x3.9x8.7 inches.

Building 7- 5 pieces. 
32mm scale: 228x225x408mm / 9.0x8.9x16.1 inches.
28mm scale: 200x197x358mm / 7.9x7.8x14.1 inches.
20mm scale: 140x138x251mm / 5.5x5.4x9.9 inches.
15mm scale: 120x118x215mm / 4.7x4.6x8.5 inches.

Building 8- 4 pieces. 
32mm scale: 195x228x298mm / 7.7x9.0x11.7 inches.
28mm scale: 171x200x261mm / 6.7x7.9x10.3 inches.
20mm scale: 120x140x183mm / 4.7x5.5x7.2 inches.
15mm scale:  103x120x157mm / 4.1x4.7x6.2 inches.

All items come unpainted in non-toxic gray PLA. Some assembly may be required. We inspect all of our products prior to shipment, but due to the nature of 3d printing, some objects may require some cleanup prior to use. Other print resolutions (print quality) and scale (size) are available as requested. This item is designed by MiniatureLand. Tabletop Terrain is a licensed printer of MiniatureLand. 

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