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Orders over $80 qualify for free shipping. BG Organizers shipping in 2-5 days. Terrain 1-2 weeks.
Orders over $80 qualify for free shipping. BG Organizers shipping in 2-5 days. Terrain 1-2 weeks.

Museum: Pictura with Expansions Board Game Insert / Organizer

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This listing is for the board game insert / organizer only. Pictured board game is an example only. Game not included. Pictures shows mesh box bottoms, our insert features fully solid bottoms. We think the stability and sturdiness is worth a little higher price. 


Insert/Organizer for Museum: Pictura and all the Kickstarter Expansions -- Crystal Palace, Vernissage, and the Patron Pack.

There should be plenty of room in the box for at least one future expansion, but it might require some reorganization. It supports sleeved cards, although super premium thick sleeves may have trouble fitting. It also supports vertical storage. The organizer
 helps with setup and teardown and most boxes can be used right on the table.


Floor Spacers 1 and 2 go on the very bottom of the empty box with the folded expansion board in the empty space.

All other boards go stacked into a neat square in one corner.

Around the other two outside edges, use all the small card boxes, the corner piece, and the assistants holder.

Place one of the 31 cards holder (with another on top), the two large card holders, and one of the two boxes (with the other on top) on top of the boards. Put down the two Large Spacers on top of the boards in the rest of the space.

Add all the thin card holders and the long card holder on top of the large spacers. Use a couple of other spacers to fill in the gaps on that level.

Then add the 30 Cards and stack the expansion trays and token trays on top.

Fill in other space with spacers.

This product was designed by Patella on Thingiverse and printed in non-toxic PLA. We have a licensing agreement set up with him so he receives some of the proceeds from the sale of his designs.