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Orders over $100 qualify for free domestic shipping. Please allow approx. 2-5 business days for new orders to ship.
Orders over $100 qualify for free domestic shipping. Please allow approx. 2-5 business days for new orders to ship.

Ruined Cathedral Triforium - Openlock

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This modular Ruined Cathedral Triforium is great Warhammer 40k terrain. It has three stories, with windows that you can see through to let units shoot through the windows if you desire. Printed in 28mm scale, this package is perfect for Warhammer 40k. Because it is completely modular, utilizing Printable Scenery's Openlock design, it can be combined with other Openlock pieces to create different designs if you get tired of this configuration. It is 3D printed in .2mm high quality resolution. When comparing items from different merchants, keep printed resolution in mind! Tabletop Terrain prints all of Printable Scenery's items with their own recommended quality and resolution items.

-What's Included- 75 Openlock Rampage Cathedral pieces along with all of the required Openlock clips to attach the pieces together.

In 28mm scale, the building measures 19x11x11 in.

Assembly- The pictures are a great guide for putting the cathedral together. It took me approximately 1 hour to assemble my first time. As you get more experienced with Openlock pieces, it will take considerably less time. Photo 9 shows how you need to remove some support structures on the floor/base tiles to get the clips to slide in. The Openlock design is extremely durable and requires some force to get put together. My first time assembling it I was somewhat timid with the pieces at the start and over time I learned just how strong the pieces are. Unless you are trying to put pieces together incorrectly, you are very unlikely to break anything.

All items come unpainted in non-toxic gray PLA. Some assembly may be required. We inspect all of our products prior to shipment, but due to the nature of 3d printing, some objects may require some cleanup prior to use. Other print resolutions (print quality) and scale (size) are available as requested. This item is designed by Printable Scenery as a part of their Rampage. Tabletop Terrain is a licensed printed of Printable Scenery.