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Free Shipping $100+ in US $225+ international. All items are made to order, ship in just 1-3 business days.

Spirit Island Organizer for Content Through Nature Incarnate Insert / Organizer

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Organizer/insert only. Does not include the board game!

This is an insert / organizer for Spirit Island along with Nature Incarnate, Jagged Earth, Feather & Flame, Branch & Claw, Spirit Promo Packs 1 & 2, Premium Token Packs 1 & 2, Horizons of Spirit Island spirits (including the thicker classic spirit panel boards for the Horizons spirits that are sold separately by Greater Than Games), and all foil versions of all the spirits. Designed by JS5002 on Printables, the following description is written in his words. It has no lid lift, supports premium sleeves on the standard-sized cards (Dragon Shield sleeves shown in the images) and small cards (Gamegenic Prime sleeves shown), supports vertical storage, and was designed to aid setup and teardown.

This is a three-box solution, fitting in the boxes for the base game, Jagged Earth, and Nature Incarnate. Three boxes, are you insane? Probably. But if you have all the content for SI and value easy setup and teardown over conserving space, you may want to read on to see if this insert is for you. If consolidating space is your primary concern, other inserts will do that better than this one.

I designed this insert primarily to make it easy to get Spirit Island to the table, focusing largely on in-game trays that can be placed directly on the table, not requiring any lids that need to be removed and stored elsewhere during the game, making it as easy as possible to sift through game components to find what you need (such as when you are finding the unique power cards for the spirits you are using), implementing shallow curved component wells that make it easy to remove the components from the trays, and separating components into trays in a way that allows you to use only a subset of the trays (and take up only a subset of the table space) depending on which spirits you are playing and whether you are playing true solo, multi-handed solo, or with others.

Box 1 – In-Game Trays – Fit in Base or Jagged Earth Boxes
Box 1 primarily holds trays that you put on the table and use during the game. The rulebooks go on top of the trays.
-The major power, minor power, and event cards each have card-shoe-style holders with an adjustable divider. They allow you to draw from the deck and place discards behind the divider. This helps keep the table neat, especially when some of the stacks can grow quite large and are easy to topple when using sleeved cards.
-Two trays hold your invaders, cities, towns, Dahan, and blight. If playing solo, you may only need to use one of these. If playing with multiple players, you can distribute the two trays amongst the players.
-Two trays hold the beasts, disease, wilds, strife, and badlands tokens. If you are not playing with any spirits that use these tokens, you can leave these in the box. But if your team is using spirits that do use any of these tokens, you can place one or more of these trays on the table. These trays can hold either the regular cardboard tokens or the upgrade tokens from the premium token packs.
-Two trays hold the energy and element markers, with each separated into their own compartment. These trays can hold either the regular cardboard tokens or the upgrade tokens from the premium token packs.
-One tray holds several smaller trays, including trays for the invader deck, event reminder cards, Quake tokens, Deeps tokens, and Vitality tokens. You can remove the smaller trays relevant to your game and place them on the table. The remaining trays can stay in the larger tray and go back in the box after setup.
-One Incarna and spare token tray. This can permanently reside in the bottom of the box. You can remove any Incarna tokens you need, as well as have room to store additional tokens in a separate compartment if you’d like.

Box 2 – Setup Trays – Fit in Base or Jagged Earth Boxes
Box 2 primarily holds trays that you use during setup but then return to the box.
-One tray holds all the unique spirit cards, related aspect cards, and smaller spirit-specific tiles, like the Darkness tile. To make it easy to find the desired spirit’s cards, I designed this tray to work with printed dividers for each spirit. The ones in the photos are from this set of files posted by nosewhoknows on BGG. I printed them at a local print shop on thick, coated paper. They work great and make it easy to find what you need. But you could use any type of divider you would like (or no dividers at all, if you prefer). This tray also has notches where you can slot a plastic divider, effectively shortening the tray to your desired length. Because some people sleeve their cards using sleeves of varying thicknesses, some people may use printed card dividers while others won’t, and some people may have all the SI spirits while others won’t, you can use the divider to set the front or back wall of the tray to whatever depth you want based on the content you own. 
-One tray holds sleeved blight and player aid cards. Just shuffle the blight cards, select one for the game, and then put the rest back in the box. Take as many player aids as you need.
-Three trays hold the nine player colors from the base game, Jagged Earth, and Horizons of Spirit Island. These trays support the premium token upgrades. Choose your favorite color(s) and put the remaining trays back in the box.
-One tray holds the fear cards and Terror Level II and III tiles. Shuffle the fear cards, grab as many as you need for your game, place them between the terror level tiles, and put the remaining fear cards back in the box.
-One tray holds the fear tokens. Take what you need for your game and put the rest back in the box.
-As shown in the photos, this box holds a stack of the spirit boards. If you don’t have enough boards to fill up the box, or if you are using the foils or thinner spirit panels from Horizons, I provided an optional spacer to take up any additional room in the stack.

 Box 3 – Game Boards, Additional Spirit Storage, Adversaries, and Scenarios – Fit in Nature Incarnate Box
There are two printed pieces to hold the island boards in place. I designed these to ensure that no pressure is put on the pointy corners of those boards, even when storing vertically or shaking the box.
-One tray holds the adversary cards, another holds the scenario cards, and a third holds the adversary/scenario markers from Branch & Claw and Jagged Earth.
-There are four adversary trays:
Habsburg (both original and Mining; supports sleeves on the cards)
-One tray holds the adversary and scenario reminder cards sleeved, with separate slots for each.
-One tray holds additional spirit panels. Because I purchased the thicker versions of the Horizons spirits, I needed this tray for spirit board overflow. If you don’t have these, I think you should be able to fit all the spirit panels in Box 2. And if you play exclusively with foil spirits, you may be able to fit all of your spirits in this one tray (although I don’t own the foil spirits to try).

Final Notes
The images show how to layer everything in the box, as well as providing closer images of some of the trays. The first three images in this listing group the trays from each box, so you can see the trays from Box 1, Box 2, and then Box 3 (although this photo does not show the island board spacers). The next series of photos shows how to layer everything in Box 1 and then provides a few additional photos of trays in that box. The photos then do the same for Boxes 2 and 3.

As I mentioned above, the card holders support premium sleeves on the major, minor, and event cards, as well as on the smaller invader deck and reminder cards. This insert does not currently support sleeves on the foil or thin Horizons spirit panels, nor does it support sleeves on the adversary or scenario cards. There is no lid lift on any of the boxes when configured as shown, but if you want to put either the Horizons board or the optional “deluxe” board sold by Greater Than Games in any of the boxes, there will be some lid lift.

Designed by JS5002 on Printables. We have agreement with him to sell his designs in exchange for a royalty. -


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