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Free Shipping Threshold: $100 within the US, $225 international. Please allow approx. 2-5 business days for new orders to ship.

Tapestry with All 3 Expansions Board Game Insert / Organizer

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Organizer/insert only. Does not include the board game!

This is an insert for Tapestry, including all 3 expansions (Fantasies & Futures, Arts & Architecture, and Plans & Ploys).

  • Gives each landmark mini its own custom-shaped storage location.
  • Supports third-party base snaps on the landmark minis (bases sold by KlundKreations on Etsy are shown in the photos).
  • Organized landmark mini trays by level or type, so they are easy to find and so the mini trays can just be placed on the table during play.  There are separate trays for:
    • Level 1 Landmarks
    • Level 2 Landmarks
    • Level 3 Landmarks
    • Landmarks associated with Technology cards, plus the Stadium and Monolith (i.e., the landmarks that may come out during the game depending on the cards/space tiles drawn)
    • Personal Landmarks (spread across two trays, which generally remain in the box after passing out the personal landmarks during setup)
  • Supports premium sleeved cards (Gamegenic Prime Standard American sleeves shown in the photos).
  • Because some of the card stacks are getting quite tall and prone to tipping when sleeved, the insert has separate deck holders for the tapestry cards, technology cards, and masterpiece cards (from A&A).  You can place these deck holders on the table and draw straight from them.
  • Separate holder for the space tiles, which can be placed directly on the table during play.
  • Holds five sets of conquer dice and five of the larger A&A science dice (or the smaller original science dice).
  • Separates the gray player cubes and outposts from the gray player’s income buildings and resource markers.  This should make it easier to access the cubes and outposts when using gray as the Shadow Empire or Automa -- no more sifting through a large tray to find the few things you need.
  • Supports vertical storage.
  • Passes the upside-down shake test.
  • Fits in the base box with no lid lift on my copy of Tapestry.  The only caveats are:  (1) you must remove the landmark board that came with the base game, which is of less utility now anyway because it does not have spaces for the A&A buildings, and (2) you must replace the older rulebooks and reference sheets with the consolidated rulebooks and reference sheet that came with Fantasies and Futures. You can still include the landmark board and other reference sheets, but you will have a bit of lid lift if you do.

Designed by JS5002 on Printables. We have agreement with him to sell his designs in exchange for a royalty. -

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