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Free Shipping Threshold: $100 within the US, $225 international. Please allow approx. 1-3 business days for new orders to ship. Thanks

Star Wars Outer Rim with Unfinished Business Board Game Insert / Organizer

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Organizer/insert only. Does not include the board game!

This is an insert / organizer for Star Wars Outer Rim with the Unfinished Business expansion.  It supports premium sleeves on the cards (Paladin Gawain sleeves shown in the images), supports vertical storage, has no lid lift, and was designed to aid setup and teardown.  I also split out in-game trays from setup trays.  This game is a table hog, so the setup trays can go back in the box after setup.  Here are some features of the insert:

*  Separate holders for the planet cards – just pull them out of the box and place them on the table near their planet on the curved main board. The planet cards have text identifying the types of things you may encounter when visiting, and I didn’t want to obscure that information.  I included circular cutouts in the lower left / right corners of the planet card trays so this information remains visible.

*  An in-game tray that contains the money, dice, and other tokens to be used during the game.

*  Market card trays that can be placed on the table and used during the game.  I included a slight lip on the tops of these when they are lying flat on the table. This lip allows you to place the top card of each stack face up on the tray and it should stay in place.  The market decks have different thicknesses, so I made a thicker market tray to hold the three thicker decks and a thinner market tray for the rest.

*  Setup trays that can be returned to the box after setup, including one tray for the main board pieces and a second tray containing the dashboard consoles, ships, ambitions, faction tokens, and contact tokens.

*  A databank tray that splits the cards into three groups, with each group labeled on the tray.

*  An elongated tray that holds the character standees.

*  Plenty of finger holes to make it easy to the get the trays and boards out of the insert.

Designed by JS5002 on Printables. We have agreement with him to sell his designs in exchange for a royalty. -

Customer Reviews

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Jason Thoma
Outer Rim + Unfinished Business - Fantastic

This organizer is fabulous. Fits all cards and pieces into a single box, well-organized, and makes game setup so much easier and faster. Keeps the table neat and orderly while playing. Good quality and well thought-out.