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Free Shipping Threshold: $100 within the US, $225 international. Please allow approx. 1-3 business days for new orders to ship. Thanks

Too Many Bones Trove Chest Board Game Insert / Organizer

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Organizer/insert only. Does not include the board game!

This is a set of trays to further organize the Too Many Bones Trove Chest. Here are the trays and their features. The following is written by JS5002, the designer of the product: 

A detailed video on how everything fits together is available here:

Separate Setup Card Trays for Base Game, Undertow, and Unbreakable
These are stored in the main card row, and each tray has a labeled handle. Just grab the set you want and you are on your way to playing.

The photos show where each type of card goes, but the cards all generally go in the following order.
-Special Encounters
-Day 1 Cards
-Day 2 Cards
-Day 3 Cards (only applies to the base game)
-A slot for miscellaneous cards (e.g., Day Counter card, encounter deck cover card, Rage of Tyranny/40 Waves/40 Caves rules cards, and campaign cards for Undertow and Unbreakable, if you choose to include them here instead of in the dedicated campaign tray described below)
-Solo Encounters
-General Encounters

Each slot has room for the related expansion cards. For example, the base game Day 1 slot has room for the base game Day 1 cards, the Age of Tyranny Day 1 cards, and the Rage of Tyranny base game Day 1 cards.

Separate Loot and Trove Loot Trays for Base Game, Undertow, and Unbreakable
I prefer to keep my Loot separated by the set the Loot came from. With these trays, I can grab the one I need, place it on the table, give a quick shuffle, and the Loot is ready to go. Each tray is labeled with TMB, Undertow, or Unbreakable. 

The Loot trays here (either Option 1 or 2) replace the acrylic Loot and encounter tray that comes with the Trove Chest.

Build-a-Tyrant and Nobulous Apprenticeship Program Tray
A Build-a-Tyrant and Nobulous Apprenticeship Program tray holds all of the lab dice, spliced tyrant dice, spliced tyrant initiative die, spliced tyrant stat dice, Nob and Apprentice cards, and yellow pegs.

You still use the Build-a-Tyrant tyrant tray to hold the BAT tyrant encounter cards, the BAT tyrant card, and the spliced and proto-tyrant chips, but this tray holds essentially everything else you need.

By moving so many dice to this tray, it also frees up a lot of room in the other dice trays kept elsewhere in the Trove Chest, giving you some breathing room in those trays.

Campaign Tray
A campaign tray holds all of the Age of Tyranny components, including the campaign cards, boon cards, scar cards, scar tokens, and scar dice.

A nested tray holds the Undertow and Unbreakable campaign cards. This tray has recesses that lock on to ridges on the main Age of Tyranny Tray to hold it in place.

If you prefer to place the Undertow and Unbreakable campaign cards in the larger setup trays described above, they will fit in the provided slot for miscellaneous cards. You could then use this nested tray for a different purpose (e.g., to hold promo cards you don't regularly use).

Holders for Gale's Blue Upgrade Tokens and Polaris's Orbs
These are circular cups that are the diameter of a chip. They fit in the chip storage slot in Gale’s and Polaris’s Gearloc trays, and they hold Gale’s blue upgrade tokens and Polaris’s orbs.
Place these holders underneath the Gale and Polaris Gearloc chips, and the Gearloc trays will close flush.

Baddies Trays
I added a set of trays to hold the Baddies in the lower-left drawer of the Trove Chest. The Baddies are separated by type, and there are columns where you can also store your setup chips (lane markers, wreckage, lava, thick day counter, adventure map token, and Lab Rats health chips). The lanes are sized to fit all the regularly released content (base, Undertow, Unbreakable, and Automaton of Shale), all known promos, and three clear CTG dividers per Baddie row (one each for 1/5/20 point Baddies). At this time, I do not own any promos or AoS, so the photos show only the other content. Everything is spaced so you do not need to remove the Baddie trays from the drawer to get the chips out.

Because the Baddie stacks have now gotten quite tall, especially with some tyrants, you can also print a set of Baddie queue trays. These trays each have four columns to hold chips with adjustable dividers. Just grab the Baddie types you need from the Baddie trays, mix up the 1s/5s/20s, place them in rows in the BQ trays, and you are all set to draw from these trays to create your Baddie queues during the game. These trays fit inverted over the top of the Baddie trays, so you can store them directly in the same Trove Chest drawer as the Baddies. There is a slot in one of the Baddie trays to hold the dividers.

Placing these trays in the lower-left drawer of the Trove Chest required me to relocate the Loot card trays. These now go in the bottom-right drawer.

Designed by JS5002 on Printables. We have agreement with him to sell his designs in exchange for a royalty. -

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