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Orders over $80 qualify for free shipping. BG Organizers shipping in 2-5 days. Terrain 1-2 weeks.
Orders over $80 qualify for free shipping. BG Organizers shipping in 2-5 days. Terrain 1-2 weeks.

Now or Never Board Game Insert / Organizer

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This listing is for the board game insert / organizer only. Pictured board game is an example only. Game not included. Pictures shows mesh box bottoms, our insert features fully solid bottoms. We think the stability and sturdiness is worth a little higher price. 


This is an organizer for the board game Now or Never. It supports SOME sleeved cards, Mayday Standard sleeves fit great, more premium sleeves will be a tight fit. It also supports vertical storage. The organizer helps with setup and teardown and most boxes can be used right on the table.

 A couple of notes on items that you can't really see in the photos.
1) I added a bag for the Villagers -- that's part of the reason for the really large box for them. I'm also keeping the dice, first player markers, and season marker in that box.
2) Player boxes hold: player aid cards at the bottom (sleeved), one set of building tiles, hero cutout with stand attached, hero abilities, a set of player board markers (book, shell, tool, bottled demon, crystal, heart), and the story mode reputation markers.
3) I dislike storing components away from the main box, even when I've got upgraded bits. So I've got two different coin storage trays. They're very full, but they fit. If you don't have the metal coins, you've basically just got an extra tray.
4) The story books are going to cause the most "problems" -- I put them in two stacks of three and I alternated the side the spine was on. Depending on how flat thy are, you might have a few slight issues stacking stuff all together in the box correctly.

This product was designed by Patella on Thingiverse and printed in non-toxic PLA. We have a licensing agreement set up with him so he receives some of the proceeds from the sale of his designs.